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7 Mar

The lashes are weightless natural looking and if properly cared for can last up to 2 months or until your natural lash sheds. Your eyelashes will appear longer, fuller and darker. You will have no need for mascara or an eyelash curler. However if you do apply (waterbased only) mascara – Va, Va, Va VOOM.

Re-Lash as needed, at least every 2-4 weeks. We can do touch-ups as long as you have at least 50% of your extensions left.

Make sure you come to your appointment with freshly cleaned eyes, free of all makeup. You will need to stay away from makeup and not wash your eyes for 48 hours. Please read about Lash Care and FAQ


The Vixen – $150

Lashes are applied mainly to the outer corners of the eye for that sexy cat eye look.




The Diva – $225

For that better than Mascara Look. Full long and gorgeous. This design follows the natural contour of your own lashes.




The Fatale Femme – $300

In a phrase “the ultimate in unstoppable Long Lush Lashes.”  We will go as long and full as is possible and still look authentic.





2 Weeks: $50

3-4 Weeks: $75

After several touch ups, I may suggest a new set, to keep the lashes looking fresh and new.

Referral Program

For every referral you can get 25% of a Re-Lash. Or for every two referrals, you earn a free Re-Lash.

Mobile Services are available please ask for details.


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