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Xtreme Lashes Training Class Review – Eyelash Extension Experts

15 Feb

Xtreme Lashes has global training opportunities for people who are interested in becoming Lash Stylists. I was lucky enough to take my training in Santa Monica, California.


Before and after

Bright and early I entered the training room, joining eight other excited and happy women. Our instructor for the training was Zayd Soufi. Who is a Master Lash Artist and has his own eyelash extension business Lashes by Zayd. He is also an Educator for Xtreme Lashes and has been traveling the country training lash stylists for Xtreme Lashes for the last four years. “I put my heart and soul into my classes,” says Zayd. “I’m here to encourage my students to follow their dreams; and to build our industry “.

Zayd started out his working career on a very different path as a graphic designer, until a friend persuaded him to go with her to a liveeyelash extensiondemonstration. “I loved it right away,” Zaydsays. “Here was something natural [eyelashes] that I thought couldn’t be improved upon. And BAM—here I was witnessing incredible changes taking place. The transformation wasn’t limited to the physical lashes, it went deeper and seemed to increase self-confidence. That’s what really got me.”

I asked him to tell me what it was about styling lashes that appealed to him. “Making people feel good about themselves is so rewarding,” says Zayd. “Through lashes, I’m transforming a client’s appearance. But, the change is more than skin deep. It’s about the chance for a client to see themselves in a new light, to bolster their confidence and that’s just the most gratifying thing I could ever ask for.”

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